Thursday, August 18, 2011

She Strikes Again

Yes, you heard it here first, the Mad Canner has struck again.

And oh what a strike it was - an entire bushel worth in one day - yes, you heard me correctly, a whole bushel of tomatoes. I have my wonderful mother to thank for these beauties - hand delivered with care.

Is that a 3-gallon brew kettle that's supposed to be used for brewing beer? Yes.

Is it being used to cook three gallons of tomato juice? Yes.

Am I crazy? Am I mad? Am I neurotic and slightly obsessed?

Yes, without a doubt.

Now that the canning bug has officially bit me, I'm gearing up for a batch of roma tomato-infused marinara sauce as well as my first crack at pickle-relish. I've got my eyes on a sweet relish recipe that is just begging to be jazzed up with a little heat. Stay tuned...


Donna C said...

Hi there, hey "back in the day" I lived in the mountains in South-Western New York. I had one beautiful garden and quickly enjoyed canning my prizes. There was many a cold February night that I could open a couple of jars of my homemade pasta sauce and think back to the warm and beautiful day in September that I toiled over the beautiful tomatoes and enjoyed myself so much.

Adrienne said...

You should give me a canning lesson some time. I've always wanted to learn :D

yul meade said...

looks like vitamin C overload--Yummy!

Nikki said...

Donna - it's work but it's so satisfying! Was is the best marinara sauce that you've ever had? :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki,
I canned over 30 jars of pickles this summer mostly kosher dill hot. I did come up with an excellent kosher hot refrigerator dill pickle but forgot to jot down the recipe.