Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Little Fall Planting

I finally did it - I've been sulking and putting it off - I pulled my cukes, squash, and zucchini plants today. They were done, shot, crispy, ready to throw in the towel. I would say that all three were a success for a first time grower, but it was time to make room for some fall planting.

So, having freed up some nice space, I decided to revisit some of my favorite seeds from the spring. I was really pleased with everything I tried, but the beets and radish stuck out in my mind the most. Firstly I sowed my French Breakfast radish seeds in the container that the cucumber used to be in. Next I sowed my Cylindra beet seeds in the container that used to hold the zucchini and squash. I love seeing each nubby seed nestled in his new bed in the soft, warm soil.

The other weekend when I pulled the pea and dill plants, I had planted some more green onion seeds, which are now up and looking quite plucky, to my great delight. I was rather disappointed with them this spring, but I attributed that to various reasons that I've rectified this time around. I'm very sensitive to how much water I give them, as I think I was over-watering before. The plants seem to get fairly strong if I can just keep the seedlings from dampening-off.

After planting, I did some general pruning, cleaning, and fertilizing. Lastly I decided to mix things up a bit and rearrange the containers on the balcony. The herbs have always been in the middle in a cluster - that didn't change.

I did move the tomatoes to the left side so they could chill with the peppers and eggplant, which is still hanging on and blooming like a fool.

This then freed up the right side for the "seed nursery" - beet, radish, and onion.

It's like rearranging the furniture in your house every now and then; a new perspective on something you see every day can make it feel like a brand new garden.

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