Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peaceful Morning

Today is the first day of my week-long home. Who says you have to travel somewhere to get a little R&R?

I slept in a little, woke up to sunshine and birds singing, slipped on my flippers and snuck outside to say good morning to the yard. Since most normal people are at work this week, the neighborhood was very quiet and peaceful. I watered the beds that needed it, dead-headed a few old blooms, and snapped a few pictures.

My "Empress of India" nasturtiums have been blooming solidly the past week or so - stunning colors.

Very excited to see the first baby female butternut squash on the vine - hopefully when this little lady finally blooms she will take fruit and start plumping up.

And of course, who wouldn't swoon to wake up to this sight?

I have a feeling these days off will do me good!

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Snaggs said...

Enjoy your vacay snaggs, you deserve it :)