Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let Us Not Forget the Veggies

You may be asking yourself "Nikki, what's with all these flower pictures? What about the vegetable garden?" And I would have to sheepishly respond...

Peas climbing and flowering

Thyme going to flower

Blackstem Peppermint starting to take over its pot

Italian Parsley bushing-out

Kale almost big enough to start harvesting

Rocky Top Lettuce mix looking just gorgeous

Beets adding deep crimson purple hues

And tomatoes staked and happy

So there, do you feel a small sense of relief? I have not abandoned my beloved vegetable garden, it's been getting just as much love as the rest of the yard. I guess I've just been caught up in my yearly perennial planting frenzy.

All of this rain and sun lately has really made the vegetables and herbs start to take off. Today I spent an hour or so weeding, staking tomatoes, planting peppers, and harvesting the last of the white Icicle radish and Saxa II radish. If you can't grow anything else, at least give radish a try, it's pretty hard to mess them up.

So now that I've updated you on the veggies, I feel like posting some more flowers - deal with it!

Annual butterfly weed

Foxglove Apricot Beauty

Angelina sedum

Lavender about to flower

Pink Echinacea flower bud

Pink butterfly bush

Evening Primrose

Purple Speedwell

Can you blame me for being so distracted?


Donna Crenshaw said...


Oh my gosh! I love this....I had no idea you were soooooo green and, well, veggie! Great pictures of the flowers.

Donna C ;o)

yul meade said...

i simply think that you live a grow a beautiful life..