Monday, July 7, 2008

A Little Bit O'This, A Little Bit O'That

It seems like every day there's something new a-popping.

Over the weekend I picked and cooked up the first eggplant, and boy was he a beaut':

I made my previously-mentioned eggplant parmesean hoagies - YUM. I can't say that I make fried food that often, but that one-or-so time per year is totally worth it, even if the apartment does smell like a greasy-spoon diner for the next week.

I also gleaned the first handful of cherry tomatoes today. The pinnacle of my garden every year is that first juicy sweet pop of a sun-drenched tomato. I can't believe how many little greenies there are on the vine...we're going to be eating tomatoes for the next couple months (not that I have ANY problem with that). It's a good thing I caged the plants this year - they're having enough trouble already just trying to stay upright under all that weight.

The jalapenos are finally big enough to pick - time to really start heating things up in the kitchen:

There are about 10 baby cucs on the cucumber plants. Lastly, I spotted my first zucchini today after weeks of vigilance:

I feel like a bee with all the pollinating I've been doing. It's not that I don't trust the bees, butterflies, and other bugs out there to get the job done, but I'd be crestfallen if, after all this anticipation, the little guys dried up and fell off just because there wasn't any pollinating going on. I'm just an anxious mama I guess - yet another reason there are no kids in our future. I worry enough about everything else in my life, having an actual human being to worry about would kill me.

I'll stick to my husband, the cats, and my garden, thank you very much - they're enough of a handful as it is.

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