Monday, March 21, 2011

Bursting at the Seams

Oh, where do I start...

There comes a point in spring where you feel so full of anticipation you could burst. I think it's one of the most tangible demonstrations of sheer potential - it just doesn't get any more exciting.

Today it is 70F and breezy - in short, gorgeous. I'm sitting on our back porch finishing up some lunch and listening to a crimson cardinal singing his little heart out. Earlier this morning I had thrown on my garden duds and did some planting outside. The early spring vegetables are now in the ground, including peas, beets, radish, and greens. I also spruced up the herb bed and turned the soil, preparing the beds for some plucky seedlings in a couple of months.

Of course then I had to make my rounds, checking for new bulbs poking their heads through the thawed ground and tired leaves. If you were to ask me what colors typified spring, I'd have to say yellow and purple.

And, excitingly enough, the cherry tree is covered in pale green nubs - it survived the winter! I wish I could have prepared the hole better, but we'll see how much grit this little guy has this year.

This is what I was looking forward to all winter - it still amazes me that nature keeps coming back in full fashion, year after year.

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