Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cauliflower Love

Been a while since I've posted - it seems like we've been so busy lately. Family stuff, canning, cooking, working, reading, exercising like a fiend, hobbies...it's catching up to me.

Yesterday I was doing some research to find my mom a new frittata recipe for brunch this weekend. I came across several tasty looking write-ups, and it got my mouth watering for some fluffy eggy goodness...that coupled with the recent abundance of fresh eggs and veggies from our CSA.

So tonight I made a Feta and Cauliflower Frittata and added in some fresh sweet corn and white onion - can I tell you that I have never had cauliflower taste this good before? And the bonus is that it's really quite healthy - not laden with tons of cheese and butter like many other frittatas (not that I don't love my fair share of cheese and butter).

You may wrinkle your nose at the thought of cauliflower with eggs and sharp feta, but trust me, a little gentle heat really brings out the sweet side of this much maligned veggie.

I paired it with a crisp salad starring some sweet cherry Sungold tomatoes from the garden and some ice-cold cubed local cantaloupe for dessert.

Corn, tomatoes, melon - can you get much more summer than that?


Gina said...

Holy freakin' COW, woman! That looks...fabulous...sigh...

yul meade said...

wow, looks so very yummy!