Thursday, May 29, 2008


To date, I can say that I have had more success than failure with my new veggies.
Our first yield from the garden were the radish. The crop of French Breakfast were amazing - crisp and spicy but still managing to have some sweetness (not to mention they look kind of cute and funky).

I planted the seeds back in early March, and we harvested them in late April/early May. I have since planted a second wave of radish seeds, which sprouted beautifully, however, their little lives were cut short due to the previously mentioned starlings. I'm working on a solution to this problem.
Here are some pictures of the first crop's progression:

Final verdict: I would definitely plant this variety again. It does well in containers and I had no problems with bugs or disease. I was blown away by the short grow span (less that 2 months from seed to harvest)!

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