Monday, April 20, 2009


Like clockwork, all three types of tomatoes sprouted today: Black Krim, Brandywine, and Green Zebra (pictured):

It's like they were scheming to knock my socks off all at once. I planted them last Monday, so that's a seven day germination time - not bad.

Coincidentally, today I finally received my last two types of tomatoes in the mail from Victory Seeds: Black Cherry and Gold Nugget. They have been dutifully planted next to the others. They have all been planted a bit late, but that's just another lesson learned for next year. They'll probably just end up being set outside a littler later than normal.

My husband and I took our first trip of the year to Findlay Market this past weekend - we both had a hankering for Blue Oven Bakery bread and some Gibbs cheese. I have to say, it's amazing how trendy heirloom tomatoes have become - many of the early season plant vendors were selling heirloom seedlings. I don't remember seeing that many last year. Supply and demand...we'll I'm my own supplier this year, dammit!

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Jesuspants said...

I will take one gold nugget and one Gibbs please. Your blog makes me want to grow shit. Too bad the only thing I can grow is growing in the old beer bottle next to my computer.