Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Veggies

In the past week it's finally become evident that I'm actually going to have peppers, tomatoes, and other goodies this summer. It's a miracle that never fails to astonish.

Here's my first pepper - it's a sweet Red Marconi:

And here's my first tomatoes, the Gold Nugget:

And lastly here's my first EVER melon - Minnesota Midget:

The melon plants are loaded with baby melons - I've read that it's best to let a few healthy fruits grow and pinch off all others. This seems so cruel, just like thinning out seedlings. I'll see how many actually start plumping up.

I've noticed that something (most likely a STARLING) has been enjoying my tomato plants. Specifically, something has been snipping off the Pink Brandywine blossoms - I'm having flashbacks to last year's Starling Trouble. I'm fairly helpless in this situation, unless I decide to put up some ugly netting - the neighbors would love that. Hopefully this is just a passing fancy...

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