Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rainy Sunday

It's a soggy day today. Such a contrast to yesterday, which was sunny, blue-skied, and a balmy 60 degrees. My husband and I went for a nice long walk around the loop at Sharon Woods, one of my favorite parks in Hamilton County. I can tell the nice weather yesterday really gave the raised beds a chance to warm up. When I peeked on them today, quite a few more seedlings are up, including both types of radish:

French Breakfast

and Saxa 2

One thing I can say, while the black plastic of the raised beds isn't the most attractive material to look at, I can see how the black will help keep the soil warm once the sun hits it. Maybe it will give me a slight growing advantage?

My husband's mom and her partner stopped by today to drop off an early Easter gift - a beautiful glazed ceramic bird house. I love that look, the swirly rainbow iridescence of glazed clay. I've always wanted to be able to throw and glaze my own pottery ever since I took an art class in high school. Unfortunately, not a cheap hobby.

We'll have to find the perfect protected nook in our yard so we can hopefully attract a bird family (and discourage the hawk from preying on them).

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yul meade said...

wow, what a cool gift...