Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yard Day

Yesterday I had a play day in the yard. Some weeding, fertilizing, trimming, planting, staking, and harvesting to do. I staked my tomato plants and rounded up some supports for the eggplant and peppers if it turns out that they need them.

Rather than use tomato cages this year, I decided to try out faux bamboo stakes and soft twist-ties. I hate using tomato cages, they are so unwieldy , take up a lot of space, and have sharp edges. I like the rustic way the stakes look - hopefully they provide enough support for the kings of the garden!

I also pulled the rest of the radish and harvested some more greens. I now have enough room in the "low" bed to plant a hill of zucchini and a hill of butternut squash. Since I don't have room yet for the yellow crookneck squash, cucumber, and melon, I planted several of each indoors under the grow light.

Most of the nasturtiums now have a new home outside on our porch. I hope it gets enough sun for them to flourish and create a tiny oasis. The indoor starts of asparagus, rhubarb, yarrow, foxglove, and coleus are coming along quite nicely.

So elated that things are growing happily this year - both familiar and new.

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