Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waving the White Flag

I give up already! The month of April has been the wettest month I can ever remember. It's kept me from communing with the garden...I miss my plants.

Today we got a little break from the rain and the sun is shining warmly, a steady breeze is helping to dry things out, and the garden is loving it. While our back yard is basically a swamp right now, the plants seem to be rolling with the punches fairly well.

Forget Me Not
Speckled Violet
Bleeding Heart

Little Red Birds (I absolutely LOVE this name)
Coral Bells "Bressingham Mix" (one of my favorites)


Wood Hyacinth


I was finally able to get outside and do a little tidying up after the storms today, picking up branches, pulling weeds, and re-mulching areas that got decimated by heavy rain. I planted some of the herbs I sprouted indoors, including sage, parsley, catnip, and dill. I also planted the herbs I ordered from Companion Plants, including French tarragon and a bay laurel - hurray for no more crusty old bay leaves from the grocery store!

The rest of the vegetable garden is looking great - peas are starting to curl and wind around everything within reach, kale and swiss chard are steadily putting out new leaves, radish are going bananas, greens are a week or two away from first harvest, and beets are bringing up the rear.

Spring vegetable bed (notice the groundhog-proof netting)

Herb bed

Here's to hoping this month of crazy April showers leads to some extraordinarily beautiful May flowers.

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