Monday, June 9, 2008

One Little Onion

I did it yesterday - I pulled my only green onion that made it to full size:

I must say, while I didn't have great success growing green onions from seed, the one that made it into my salad last night had great taste and crunch. I know that I didn't plant the seeds in the best conditions. They didn't have enough space and they didn't get enough sun because the lettuce was overshadowing them most of the time. All lessons learned for next year!

Yesterday I pulled what was left of my lettuce as well. Most of the plants had aphid problems, and I'm not sure about you, but I really wasn't feeling like eating any aphid-ey lettuce in the near future. That's alright, I got about a month of lettuce out of it, so I'm pleased. I do think I'll be growing a different variety next year, though. Bibb was nice, but I'd like to try something that is more interesting texturally.

After my little pulling rampage the container that held the lettuce and onion was empty. SO, I decided to plant yet another round of radish and see how well it fares in the heat. I've had such good luck with them so far this year and I have so many seeds left over that I really don't have much to lose. Not to mention they grow like weeds! Radish Round #2 is just now getting ready for harvest, so we'll see how Round #3 does.

The garden has really been popping lately. I just finished up the last of the peas, which produced well given their space constraints. I'd grow them again next year, definitely. While they're short-lived, they are the princesses of the garden. The peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant are all blooming their little hearts out. The cucumber seedlings have put up several sets of true leaves and are looking plucky. The carrots are getting close to harvest, but still need a couple weeks. I'm thinking the beets might be about ready, though. I have plans for them this weekend!

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