Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Surprise, Surprise...

OK, so I'm going to boast a little bit here. Look at this beauty...

Once again, my inexperience in growing most of these veggies has led to a wonderful surprise. A few posts ago I had given a picture of what I thought was an eggplant bloom. Little did I know, but that fuzzy little green nugget was only the beginning.

I came home from work today and immediately headed out to the balcony. Doing my normal rounds, the eggplant is one of the last plants I come to. I think I did some cartoonish double-take *blink blink* move, because I couldn't believe what my eggplant bloom had done overnight. The crinkly looking little nub was gone - it had been replaced by a delicate, lavender colored blossom. The yellow, purple and green, along with the shape of the flower, remind me of a young girl's easter dress, or something equally girly and feminine.

In a way, it's almost better not knowing what to expect because the element of surprise is so much stronger.

I'm gearing up to start a new job this coming Monday. I won't lie, my current job has been the main source of most of the stress and anxiety in my life. I have been there for three years, and I'm finally ready to move on. More like I'm forcing myself to move on. It almost feels like I'm finally getting the strength to move on from an abusive relationship. I'll spare the details; let's just say I work for an unethical sociopath.

Ever since I gave notice, which was about three weeks ago, I have felt immeasurably better - physically, mentally, emotionally. It's bittersweet for me to move on, but I know it's been my stumbling block all along. Hell, I pretty much feel like my old self most days now - wait, even BETTER than my old self. Now, I have better tools in place to keep myself from losing touch with myself and what I need out of life. If nothing else, I have that much to thank the anxiety for.

This garden is a manifestation of the growth I'm experiencing personally. In nurturing it, I nurture myself.

Forgive me for waxing philosophical, but that's one of the goals of a blog, right?

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