Friday, May 22, 2009

Play Day

Oooops, this is what happens when you let a radish go to's pretty though, no?

Today was my play day - I took a vacation day from work, giving myself a wonderful 4 day weekend. My husband still had to work today, so I had plenty of time for myself and my plants. After procuring several extra bags of soil from the store, I commenced to pot up every single one of my seedlings. They have had several hot sunny days this week to toughen up, and I think they're ready.

Here are the peppers, eggplant, and melon:

And here are the tomatoes:

And last but not least here is the basil:

The only seedling that remain are ones that I'm going to offer up for adoption. My parents should be able to give them a good home.

Lots of sweat and lots of love, that's what I've got to offer.

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