Monday, May 25, 2009

Warm Spring Rain

Melon blossom after a gentle afternoon shower...

...I sure hope that my freakishly early curcurbit crop still produces lots of fruit.

It's been a fast four day weekend. Usually after four days off I come back feeling like I've had the chance to inhale deeply and clear out the cobwebs from my head. I still feel like I need a few days, though. Maybe it's because we've been relatively busy with projects and family get-togethers. Today is the first day we've had were we truly did nothing and didn't leave the house.

If I force myself to think hard enough about it, it's been over three years since I've had more than four days off in a row. It's sad that our society puts so little importance on mental and emotional health. I'm not going to leave my PTO days to rot now that I've made a new start. Not only will I not be afraid to take time off, but I also am not going to let myself feel guilty about the days I'm not zoning out in front of a computer.

My husband an I have a mini-vacation planned in a few weeks. We're calling it our "2009 Brew Cruise". We'll be visiting three of our favorite craft microbreweries in Indiana and Michigan:
Even though it will just be two days and will involve a lot of driving, it will be a break from the weekly routine we tend to fall into. Not to mention that our beer/wine "cellar" will be well-stocked for months to come...

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