Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Foodies Do Valentine's Day

We're not ashamed, we'll admit it - we're foodies. There are worse things in life. Everyone has their priorities - some love cars, some love to travel, some love shoes, we happen to love food - GOOD food.

My husband and I aren't huge Valentine's Day people, but we do usually celebrate with a nice meal. We were contemplating going to brunch at Honey today, but in an effort to save a little cash, we decided to have a quiet night at home with one of our favorite things to make together - homemade pizza. And when I saw homemade, I mean crust from scratch and sauce from scratch. None of this pre-made crap you can get in stores.

I know I've posted about our pizza adventures before, but it was just so tasty today that I felt the need to document the deliciousness. In the past we have been fairly traditional - basic margherita and basic white pie with fresh arugula. Tonight we decided to throw in a few new toppings, including sauteed cremini mushrooms and sliced green olives. Here is a picture of an olive pie, fresh out of our dinky electric oven:

And the earthier mushroom:


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