Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Spy Some Green...

My first sprouts poked their heads through the soil this week!

First to make an appearance was a Sungold Select II tomato seedling:

This brave little guy was quickly followed by a forest of baby thyme sprouts:

Next, one lone basil sprout decided to join the party:

Yesterday another tomato peeked through - Aunt Ruby's German Green:

And today yet another tomato was gently unfolding - Carbon:

And the newest addition to the family (and a new herb for me this year), my first Lemon Bee Balm!

I can't believe how fast that first tomato germinated - I believe it only took 4-5 days? I guess these seeds are as impatient for spring as I am!

Today I manned myself with a snow shovel and started to carve my outdoor pots from their snow/ice prisons. It was NOT an easy job - the pots were frozen to the ground still. I wanted to remove most of the snow so the sun could finish melting it. I need to be able to get my new raised beds in place and filled with soil within the next few weeks so that I can plant my cold weather veggies. PLEASE NO MORE SNOW!!

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