Monday, February 15, 2010

New Toys and First Seeds

So very excited - I received my order from Gardener's Supply this week. My new raised beds are here!

I have to say, the simplicity of design and ease of assembly impressed me. Each side is made with sturdy black plastic and is anchored on the corners with several hinges, a large pin, and a cover to protect the joint. Even I had no problems assembling the beds - and that's saying something.

The only trepidation that I have is with the netting, which I bought to cover one of the 3' x 3' beds in the hopes that wildlife will be unable to steal my tomatoes this year. The design of the netting is quite ingenious, but I can easily picture a manic squirrel chewing through the nylon webbing. We'll see. I might need to just break down and install some chicken wire.

In other garden news, I planted my first seeds of the season indoors today! I am taking it easy, beginning with the slow-starters: Black Beauty Eggplant, Purple Jalapeno Pepper, and Sweet Jimmy Nardello Pepper.

I learned from last year that these plants need a little longer than others to grow. Just 3-each of the peppers and 2-each of the eggplant, as I'm trying to keep my excess seedlings to a minimum.

Despite the 6-8 inches of snow we're getting today, it is indisputable - the gardening season has officially started in this house!

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